Trustees Roles and Responsiblities (Part 2)
May 15, 2017
How to Be an Effective Board Member of a Non-Profit
June 5, 2017
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Trustees Roles and Responsibilities (Part 1)

Top trustees make a decisive difference in an organization’s fundraising success.  Although staff and board must work together closely to achieve institutional success, the board sets the pace for direction and future development.  Trustees determine the organization’s long range plan.  They also determine the organizations policies and priorities; the guidelines for staff work.

The first requirement for putting together an effective fundraising program is for the board to make this a priority of the organization.  For staff to invest the amount of time and resources necessary to build a truly effective development program they must be assured, through board action, that this is a major institutional priority.

JoAnn Albers
JoAnn Albers
Vision, guidance, teamwork, and dedication are used commonly in “business speak” these days. But finding the embodiment of these characteristics is far from common. And JoAnn Albers, founder of Albers Consulting LLC, is an uncommon woman whose core values, combined with exceptional business acumen and talent, has brought success to whoever she has been affiliated with.

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