Trustees Roles and Responsiblities (Part 2)
May 15, 2017
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Thoughts on Top Trustees

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There are several key steps that trustees must take to assist in fund development.

Prospects: Top trustees constantly provide new gift prospects and updated information for current donor files.

Evaluation: Top trustees elevate the giving potential of prospective donors they know or know about.  This must be done as a formal process in a confidential setting.  The same trustees help match the best solicitor with these top prospects.

Cultivation: Top trustees as leaders in their community or profession are the best qualified to conduct cultivation on an informal basis.

Solicitation: Many times trustees are reluctant to “close the deal” or they often fail to ask for enough.  Top trustees demonstrate their commitment by giving generously and by enthusiastically asking others to do the same.

The role of the trustee is crucial.  Without the active involvement of the board, the fundraising effort will lack spirit, even credibility.  By their participation, board members lend a sense of urgency to the whole development effort.  Top trustees make an organization succeed.  Top trustees are the result of an effective partnership of staff and highly qualified board members.

JoAnn Albers
JoAnn Albers
Vision, guidance, teamwork, and dedication are used commonly in “business speak” these days. But finding the embodiment of these characteristics is far from common. And JoAnn Albers, founder of Albers Consulting LLC, is an uncommon woman whose core values, combined with exceptional business acumen and talent, has brought success to whoever she has been affiliated with.

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